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Dear Reader,


I hope this finds you well. I'm Kim, the author of most of the blogs on this site. I'm currently a Trainee Solicitor at a Magic Circle, corporate, firm in London, having recently gradated from the University of Sheffield.


I studied Law (with French Law) LLB, with a year abroad in Aix-en-Provence, and absolutely loved it! University gave me the opportunity to research (in the UK and internationally), study, engage in pro bono work, and meet a wonderful network of professors, lecturers and professionals with a wealth of passion and experience!

Having been fortunate enough to meet some amazing people, hear some sound advice, and experience a variety of legal contexts, I'd love to pass on some of what I've heard and learned to anyone interested in a legal and/or corporate career. There's almost nothing so valuable as getting a flavour of work for yourself. Hopefully this blog offers an opportunity to get at least a virtual taste of the legal profession!

Thanks for reading, 


Kim :)